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About Us

We offer a full range of dispute resolution and litigation services for all business needs and with having offices throughout the UK, it gives us an infrastructure which means we can logistically satisfy all of our customers and offer a cost effective service to all types of businesses. 


With enforcement agents strategically based throughout the mainland we can collect our clients debt quicker than others in our industry.  


Our Aim


Vanguard Partners aim to get superb results for our clients. One of our main advantages is our in-house investigations team who work tirelessly to ensure that we identify that your debtor is a viable target to pursue prior to case acceptance.


This approach gets the results needed to collect any outstanding money owed to our clients. We don't just send letters and make phone calls from behind a desk, we visit your debtors on their door step, this gets results!


Our Commitment

Once instructed to act on your behalf we are fully committed to provide you with a swift, proactive and efficient service that will recover your money in the shortest time possible.

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