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Dispute Resolution

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Working relationship broken down?

Contract Dispute with your client?

Client won't let you back on site to finish the job?

Disputed debts are more common now than ever before. Some of these disputes may be groundless and can be easily challenged. It may be that your debtor just simply does not want to pay you for the work you have carried out. Some other disputes are just a breakdown in communication, whatever the case, we can help.

These types of debts can become very expensive and time consuming if you don't go about things in the right way. Here at Vanguard Partners we help clients resolve disputed debts and ongoing contractual disputes. We understand the frustration you have suffered with dealing with non paying clients and those who just make excuses after excuse. Communication may have broken down or your are not allowed back on site to fulfill your contractual obligation. This is why we provide a full transparent service with you from start to finish. We give you an approximate time scale of how long it will take to recover your debt or to resolve a dispute and what the cost would be. We are experts in:

  • Contractual disputes

  • Construction disputes

  • Insolvency disputes

  • Landlord & Tenant disputes

  • Litigation disputes

  • Partnership disputes


Why not call us today on 0131 510 8147 and talk to one of our Dispute Resolution Consultants or email direct on

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