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Been to court, won but not been paid?

A County Court Judgement has to be paid within 14 days of the date of Judgement unless the Court states otherwise. In most cases on the 15th day we can begin enforcing the Judgement on your behalf. This means we can turn up at your debtor's address and serve a Statutory Demand against your debtor whether they are a limited company or an individual. If your debtor has previously set up a payment plan with you and then defaulted, then we can also enforce the debt.

Before we start any enforcement action we will assess your debtor's situation. We will search for any assets they may have along with potential earnings from work or savings. We will then pass this current information onto our Enforcement Agents who will have a better understanding of your debtors financial situation. We do this process whether your debtor is a business or an individual.

Vanguard Partners Enforcement Agents will give you regular updates on your case and a realistic time scale of how long each process will take during the recovery of your debt.


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